About me


My name is Roberto, I live with my family in a suggestive corner of eastern Trentino, at the foot of imposing mountains, surrounded by a lush Alpine forest.

I have the privilege of living in a place where Nature imposes itself daily with all its strength, sometimes generous and comfortable, at other times harsh and ruthless.

Therefore I live adapting my needs to the territory, and I take advantage of the suggestions and ideas that the elements offer me to design my projects.

From this are born experimentation, the design of new shapes and the combination of different materials, to combine renewal with tradition.

I make knives, mainly with stainless steels of the highest quality, in a laboratory where I synthesized the ancient artisan knowledge of the knifeman with technology, creating a harmonious synthesis between tradition and modernity.

Every shape or detail is the result of strict tests that the prototypes have undergone directly in the Trentino woods and in my kitchen.

living in an environment rich in still uncontaminated areas, has made me able to decline each blade in the most suitable form for its purpose.

The development of my kitchen knives is the result of years of study and my passion for good food.

I often get inspired, so the production of certain types of knife is discontinuous, but the models I have made are replicable and sartorially configurable to meet the personal needs of my customers.